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Jason Coleman, Inc.
3002 Midvale Avenue, Suite 202
Los Angeles, California 90034

TEL: (877) 269-0272 | FAX: (310) 475-9499

E-mail: [email protected]
WWW: www.cruisewithpassions.com


Farewell to Harmony-The Bon Voyage Fan Cruise
is produced by Jason Coleman, Inc.

Welcome to Farewell to Harmony-The Bon Voyage Fan Cruise. I hope you're as excited to sail with us as we are to welcome you as our guest for a four-night weekend getaway cruise to Cabo San Lucas.

My name is Jason Coleman, and I'm President and Chief Visionary of Jason Coleman, Inc. My celebrity-hosted fan cruises are not a traditional cruise. They're not even a traditional fan event. The combination of the two provides for a unique opportunity for celebrities and fans to connect in a safe, comfortable, and relaxed venue for all guests.

I believe that cruising is the best vacation choice by far. As the old saying goes, "You haven't lived until you've cruised." If you've never experienced a cruise vacation before, you're in for a real treat. And what could be better than vacationing with the cast of Passions?

If you have any questions about Farewell to Harmony-The Bon Voyage Fan Cruise — or about cruising in general, please contact me! Providing advice and information about cruising isn’t work to me — it’s so much fun to talk with people planning their vacations. In our increasingly impersonal world of technology and complex lifestyles, I value creating relationships with discerning travelers who appreciate individualized service and personalized experiences. To me, ‘Your Lifelong Vacation Consultant’ is more than a tagline — it’s my bedrock philosophy.

My commitment to that philosophy is the reason I am one of the most certified vacation consultants in the travel industry today. I believe it’s essential for a cruise professional to experience the various lines and ships firsthand.  Each year I cruise an average of five times and tour approximately ten ships to provide my clients with the latest information to make an informed vacation decision.  I also believe that continuing education is an essential part of my success.  I am an Elite Cruise Counselor Scholar (the highest cruise industry certification), a Certified Travel Counselor (the pinnacle of travel industry professionalism), a Certified Lifestyle Specialist, and a Destination Specialist.

I look forward to welcoming you to this very special Farewell to Harmony-The Bon Voyage Fan Cruise!

Warmest regards,

Jason Coleman
President & Chief Visionary